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White Ribbon Australia

White Ribbon Australia seeks an Australian society in which all women can live in safety, free from violence and abuse. 
White Ribbon Australia works through a primary prevention approach to stop violence against women before it happens. We see men as central to this, and support them to work alongside women to demand social change. 
Through education, awareness-raising and creative campaigns, prevention programs and partnerships, we highlight the positive role men play in this social movement and support them to stand up, speak out and act to stop men’s violence against women.

The Stringer Independent News

The Stringer is an independent online news site, delivering free-to-access news. The Stringer was formally launched on February 25, 2013 at the Media at the Crossroads Conference.
The Stringer was founded by former media academic Jennifer Kaeshagen.
The Stringer is focused on social justice, covering poverty, homelessness, suicide prevention. Its writers are experts at the experiential level or at the academic level. 
The Stringer also coordinates long haul campaigns to address homelessness, the increasing incarceration and suicide tolls. 
The Stringer’s co-editors are Jennifer Kaeshagen, director of the First Nations Homelessness Project, which has an exceptional record in preventing the eviction of families from public housing, and Gerry Georgatos, a leading suicide prevention researchers, who works from the experiential in having travelled hundreds of towns and communities Australia-wide. He is also the National Coordinator of the National Indigenous Critical Response and the Project Manager of the National Migrant Youth Support Service.

Stopping Family Violence

Stopping Family Violence 

Stopping Family Violence (SFV) is a new not for profit which has been established in Western Australia to drive forward the agenda of perpetrator response and grow the evidence base that supports this work. 

The organisation’s purpose is to work in partnership with other organisations (such as women’s and children’s services and perpetrator intervention programs) to put an end to family and domestic violence and create a better future for women and children experiencing domestic violence. We do this through the delivery of training programs to the FDV and support services sector, support for pilot programs, research and community education. 
SFV is also committed to keeping the sector up to date on the latest research, opinion, training opportunities and sector developments. The organisation does this through a quarterly e-newsletter and online research library. To subscribe to the newsletter and view the research library visit